Mission News & Events – Open Day To Kenyan Citizens

You are invited to the Kenya High Commission Chancery on Saturday 12th April 2014 at 3:00 PM.
43 Culgoa Circuit, O’Malley ACT 2606 – Canberra


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Statement of commitment to provide dedicated quality service

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Trade & Investment

A guide to trade and investment in Kenya, and relevant links

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Tour Kenya, the magical land and cradle of mankind

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Kenya Image Gallery

  • Gallery Image 1

    Leading World Horticulture Producer

  • Gallery Image 2
  • Gallery Image 3

    Major World Tea Producer

  • Gallery Image 4

    World 800m champion David Rudisha

  • Gallery Image 5

    Home of Champions

  • Gallery Image 6
  • Gallery Image 7
  • Gallery Image 8

    Mzee Jomo Kenyatta celebrates Kanu's victory with Tom Mboya and Mwai Kibaki

  • Gallery Image 9

    Magnificent island of Lamu

  • Gallery Image 10

    Functional Multi Party Democracy

  • Gallery Image 11

    Mzee Jomo Kenyatta celebrates Kanu's victory with Tom Mboya and Mwai Kibaki

  • Gallery Image 12

    Young Uhuru Kenyatta with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki

  • Gallery Image 13

    2002 – Smooth Political Transition

  • Gallery Image 14

    Progressive new Constitution promulgated in 2010

  • Gallery Image 15

    Outgoing President Mwai Kibaki hands over instruments of Power and Authority (the Commander-in-chief’s ceremonial sword and the constitution) to President Uhuru Kenyatta during the State Installation of the 4th President of Kenya at Kasarani Sports Complex, Nairobi.)
    9 April 2013

  • Gallery Image 16

    Rich Human Resource

  • Gallery Image 17

    Professor Wangari-Maathai. Environmental icon and Nobel Peace price winner.

Transforming Kenya

  • Transforming Kenya 8

    Renewable and clean sources of energy

  • Transforming Kenya 9

    Construction of the Standard Guage Railway Line

  • Transforming Kenya 10

    Jomo Kenyatta International Airport under expansion

  • Transforming Kenya 13

    Nairobi Airport Expansion

  • Transforming Kenya 15

    Nairobi-Thika Superhighway

  • Transforming Kenya 1

    Envisioned urban mass transport system

  • Transforming Kenya 12

    Isiolo-Moyale road that connects Kenya to Ethiopia

  • Transforming Kenya 2

    Proposed Konza Techno City

  • Transforming Kenya 5

    City Interchange

  • Transforming Kenya 6

    Linked roads

  • Transforming Kenya 14

    Construction of the Standard Guage Railway Line